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Re: Uk snap election

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
Apart from perhaps Germany (which benefits from the Euro) name a country that is doing better economically?

Name a socialist country that is actually growing ?

Who says this country is a laughing stock? The Guardian ?

If people don't like the Conservative government then they can vote them out, its called democracy.

I really don't understand why people are so keen to talk the UK down.
Surprisingly, despite 7 years of austerity economics that have failed to reduce either the debt or the deficit but have still wrecked our public services, the UK economy is not doing too bad - at least not until the full force of Brexit hits us and nobody can predict what might happen then.

My issues are more about how the burden of austerity is falling mainly upon the poorest and most vulnerable people, with savage cuts to disability benefits in particular. Also, the ruination of the NHS, with 24 (yes, 24) A&E departments set to close nationwide, including my nearest A&E in Chelmsford. Plus now they are planning to ration knee and hip replacements, resulting in much longer waiting times for surgery. I'm lucky I had my hip done when I did, a whole year of constant pain with severe restrictions in what you can do is more than enough for anybody, thank you. There are many, many other issues too, but I don't want to make this an overly long post.

It does, though, rather beg the question, if our economy is doing as well as you seem to think, why are these terrible things happening?

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