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Re: e-group UK forum terms and conditions

Originally Posted by Graham_of_Rainham View Post
I am the one that had to point out the Ts&Cs, which I had read when I first joined the group. They are very clear and the particular rule provides a simply and very effective way of conveying thoughts. (Picture vs 1000 words etc...)

I strongly believe they should NOT be changed, they are the rules and anyone not likeing them should not use the forums. However if as suggested the system can be enhanced to provide a Tick Box ("do not edit this picture", which by default should be set in line with the existing rules), then everyone should be satisfied.

If anyone took the time and trouble to edit one of my images and give constructive comments, I'd be only to gratefull to them, in the same way as I respect the opinions of judges who I present my work to. I may not always agree but that is the condition which we accept when entering competitions and Forums such as this...

Hopefully this "debate" will serve to enlighten members to the "Rules" and we can continue to use the forum as it was intended to be used, without further distraction or upsetting peoples sensibilities...

Regards to all

Well, what can I say, I'd have expected you to strongly disagree with me, if nothing else, just as a matter of principle...

Good that we have at least one member here who is free of faults and honest about having read the T&C. I am not that perfect, as I already admitted. Had you pointed me to the T&C in your first PM to me as an answer to my own PM to you, than maybe it would not have gone so far and would have believed you actually knew it was OK according to forum's T&C. I wonder why I doubt you knew that from the start, regardless of what you say now afterwords...

Anyway, the problem is that it can NEVER be wrong to ask for permission, but it CAN be wrong to not to and assume everybody os happy with that. Regardless if I was the stupid part (according to you) or not.

In my answer to you, I did thank you for your comments, so you are a bit unfair here, publicly claiming I was not thankful. You can hoewever NEVER claim that your comments weight more than my own, or somebody elses judgment on how MY image should look like, or should be crippled, even if you regard it as constructive criticism. To demand greatfulness is definitely going too far. I appreciate the time people are taking here, and every other forum where I am active, but as far as I see it, I have absolutely nothing to be greatful for. I regard my own contributions to more than well balance other peoples, maybe with you as an exception.

Personally, I think it's a shame that you posted your message on this thread because it makes it look like a fight between you and me. It is not about that at all. If I wanted to make it personal, I wouldn't have removed my answer to you from the actual post and image I was refering to, so other people could pass judgement on better base and could discuss differently.

My guess is that if this attitude is allowed here, not many people will post images, because, generally, I am 100% sure that most people don't appreciate that kind of 'helpful advice', even if they don't say it out loud, like I do it here. It shows a lack of respect for other peoples work and property, regardless of how worthless you regard that property is, because however you see it, the so called work you spent on my image was nothing comparable to the work and time I spend on them. A few quick moves is not what I call constructive criticism, what is constractive criticism is the comments I read on my other thread with the Tower bridge image, that is a good example of that. The problem is, I wasted too much time on your criticism to thank those people and answer them. Please, pay a visit there and read the comments, so you'll learn about how to give feed back and how to critisize using words.

The "Picture vs 1000 words etc..." is just bull. Some things are better expressed using words and considering your native language is English, that should be easier for you than for me. I agree, it has become an overreaction, thanks to your contribution, and the blame it on others attitude. For me it was just a question of what people consider here is OK. So far, you are the only one I see who clearly say you are agains ANY change in the way things are in the T&C. What a surprise...

Yes, some don't care, but I guess the majority would like it the other way round, of course, this is just my guess. Why is it so difficult to ask first? That's the way I was brought up. Ask before take anything.
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