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Re: What will you be doing/buying at this year's Photography Show?

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
I must take a look at the X70 / X100. However, I really don't like the Fuji X-Trans raw files.

The G5x looks nice too. Might go and look at both of them.

The Q is lovely, but it's a lot of money and it doesn't have a tiltable screen. It's also probably bigger than the Pen-F and TBH, with the 17/1.8 or Panasonic 15/1.7 fitted, the Pen gets pretty close. I'm not sure the Q would add significantly more. Paying that much when there are still things missing (from my POV) doesn't sit easily.
I'll probably have my X70 at the show on the Monday and you'd be welcome to borrow it for a while (I'm also there on the Tuesday): bring a card if that would work. I use the Capture One raw processor rather than Lr, so Adobe X-trans incompetence isn't an issue for me! The raws are great, and it always amazes me to get such quality out of a titchy camera.

I owned an X100T before, and it's significantly bigger and heavier: I'd stick with a Pen-F or M5ii and either of those primes or the 12-32, if I were you. No tilt screen (which is also true of the X100F).

As I've said before, if Oly would just bring out a m4/3-sensored version of the XZ2, with a bit less good IBIS and CAF than the E-M1ii, I'd buy it in a flash. I'd be delighted if it had a 28 - 35mm fast prime and was weather sealed, but I'd be content with a collapsing limited zoom just so long as it was no thicker than the X70 and had a tilting touch screen. I'd prefer no VF (or optional VF4) if it meant it was really small.

Too much Oly gear.
Panasonic 12-32, 12-35, 15. Laowa 7.5.
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