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Re: Oly 12-40 vs 12-100 size and weight.

You can't really make a fair comparison between the 12-40 and the 12-100 because they cover different focal lengths, have different maximum apertures and are suited to different purposes.

To get the same quality (pro rather than consumer) of coverage in a two lens configuration you'd need the 12-40 at 382g and the Panasonic 35-100/2.8 at 360g making a total of 742g against the 561g of the 12-100, an increase of 181g. If you wanted to use both lenses simultaneously, photo journalism for example, you'd need another body which would be 496g for an EM5 and more for an EM1. That's 677g more than one body with the 12-100; then there's the bigger bag etc ....

There's also a cost issue. Ffordes has the 12-100 new at 799. A new 12-40 (439) and a 35-100 (439 used) totals 878. That's a 79 difference but you might also need the second body.

In the final analysis it depends on what focal lengths you commit most of your photographic sins in.

EM1i, EM5ii
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