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Re: Oly 12-40 vs 12-100 size and weight.

Originally Posted by ianinsuffolk View Post
It all depends I have both lenses and am in my 'mid 70's' and reaonably fit. As a UK resident I was due last February to have a holiday of a lifetime on the Australian west coast. Before this holiday I had a few days in Palma and used the 12- 100 lens. Each day I felt small pains around the shoulders which I knew were from the E-D M1 mkii/12 -100 lens.
The night before flying off to Australia I changed my mind to taking as the default lens from the 12 to 100 to the 12 to 40 lens. I also had the 8mm f1.8, 75 to 300 and a couple of primes.
Two final comments. Firstly no shoulder pain which I attribute to not only the weight but the balance of the two lenses. Secondly I analysed lens use. The 12 to 40 was used well over 90% of the time. Apart from the 8mm, the primes were never used and the 75 to 300 was invaluable for some specific wildlife days.
I came back with no regrets on lens choice and was able to bore my local railway club on Melbourne trams for a couple of hours - including video
Thanks Ian, that's made up my mind for me and saved lots of , I'm sticking with the 12-40.
What you say about the 75-300 is very interesting, I had one some time ago and found it to be a very competent lens, so that is a possible alternative for odd occasions.
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