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Re: Computer advise.

Hi Andy, I don't know how old your machine is but you can often update older CPU's quite cheaply by buying a used i5 or i7 of the correct generation on eBay or second-hand stores such as CEX. CPU's are not difficult to change.

For what its worth IMV there is not that much to be gained by choosing an i7 over and i5. You might also need a bigger power supply and better cooling so look at an i5 first. (The older i7's did get very hot.)

If you can find a specification for your machine it will be easy to find compatible CPU's.

Adding memory is a good way to improve performance. 8GB is a sensible minimum but 12 or 16 GB is better for photo processing.

However, even with an i3 you would gain enormously from fitting a SSD in place of your spinning hard drive. Virtual memory will read and write faster too so memory is less critical.

Finally, don't be afraid of W10. I put off installing it but it is much, much faster than W7, very stable an not difficult to use, although there are still some compatibility issues. I found my Epson document scanner was unsupported by but then found a perfectly good driver on the Epson USA website.

Edit: I should add that the W10 screensavers include some stunning landscapes from around the world if you are looking for inspiration. These seem to change once or twice a day and are rarely repeated.

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