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Re: Computer advise.

I'm running an i7 @ 2.4 with 8Gb of ram + Gforce 660m. This is running W7 and it works OK for streaming files etc. I upgraded to Windows 10 and it worked OK, upto a point. My biggest grumble being the re-installed crap-ware etc., after every monthlu update session.

I found W10 a real PITA, with all the crap being constantly shoved down my throat so to speak. Even removing most of the unwanted dross didn't help as it appeared to be put back after each and every update session. I'm no tecchie by any stretch of even my imagination. which is probably why I removed W10 and re-installed W7.

The easiest option tp spped things up would be to upgrade the HD to an SSD version if you haven't already done so. My W7 shows it at 7.9 = the max reading.

W7 being made redundant was the reason I raised a question on putting Android onto a netbook PC crawling along on W10. I'm still toying with the idea and still going through the various options. There are stumbling blocks, processors being one of the main ones.

I mention this as it might be a viable alternative rather then spending dosh on upgrades as the two systems can be made to work side by side. One option is to boot Android from a bootable SD card, to test if it works with the current installed Windows OS.

If you have a spare HD, try it out. My biggest netbook problem is the existing HD removal required a complete strip-down including the MB comiing out.
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