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Re: How not to choose a camera system.

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
Hands up those Digial photographers who 'make' photographs in an iterative manner, shoot, chimp, refine, loop round 'n' times until happy.
Hands up those Analogue photographers who evaluate the scene considering all aspects, framing with regard to received wisdom on composition (remembering the entire negative is the frame, and bugger the rules) exposure DoF and maybe possibly shoot two extra frames allowing for exposure bracketing.

Also in digital, worrying about blowing highlights, knowing when they've gone they are well and truly gone. Compared to the analogue photographer, exposing for shadows, buggering the highlights knowing the 'S' response will allow for recovery. Knowing also the latitude of film and the (generally) increased DR cf digital.
Pre-digital I almost always took colour slides. You only had one chance! No cropping so you had to get the composition right. And blown highlights were truly gone for ever. Pretty good training really!

I spoke to someone today who was using a Canon AE-1, I have not seen one of those for many years.
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