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Re: Distortion

"I have limited understanding or capability with this software lark but it is unavoidable if I want to get anywhere."

Thanks I say I cannot connect with these sort of things.
When you say " advanced RAW conversion engine." I know it sounds like a good thing but really it means nothing to me.

I use Master 2 because the great people on here have helped with little things here and there and I can at least get a raw file off the camera and through Master into P/shop.
Normally I am satisfied (but frustrated) with that but when I think I need something extra like sorting out the distortion thing I sometimes think Master is not enough and I have Viewer 2 ...Gimp and a few other Trial ones on my computer but basically they all go completely over my head.

I put a similar shot on TP and someone said there's loads of tutorials on line to help sort out the vertical distortion and I spent many a happy(not) hour listening to americans telling me how to do this that and the other and most looked really easy...all I need is some software to use even the simplest tools.
I only have P/shop 7 and I think the 7 stands for 1907 not 2007

I looked online to compare viewer and master and there were several references to them having the capability to repair distortion but I cannot find them this morning.

I really am a hopeless case Ian and if you say that OLY stuff cannot sort out the distortion then I will have to leaver it at that.
Some others might come on and say "I use this that or the other" which would be nice but If I was to get it and open it I would just sit there looking and be mesmerised at where to start.


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