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E-M5 II (Black or Titanium), Pen F black, GX8, all low use.

I obviously have a problem with GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and have ended up with too many Micro Four Thirds bodies. To the extent where I am not sure which to keep and which to sell.

So I am posting my cameras on here with suggested prices and depending on whether there is any interest maybe that will decide this "issue" for me.

I'll keep at least one but there is no real reason for me to have 2 x E-M5 Mark II bodies. The Titanium is a gorgeous Limited Edition but strangely I prefer the black and that won't matter if it gets used so much. Similarly the Pen F is maybe the most handsome of all but I find the utilitarian GX8 more practical to use.

So here are brief details and suggested prices. Payment by PayPal as gift please or bank transfer or cash on collection and plus a bit of RMSD. All are boxed with software, original accessories inc flash units (except the GX8 which doesn't come with a flash), straps, software. The Titanium Edition comes with a wallet and card which has never been opened. Feel free to PM me if any takes your fancy. Cheers, Mal:

Olympus E-M5 II Black, 1258 shutter actuations, close to mint: 450
Olympus E-M5 II Titanium 1089 actuations, mint: 540
Pen F Black, 68 (yes 68!) actuations close to mint with half case: 650
Panasonic GX8 106 actuations, 4K video, black, close to mint: 450

No lenses are included. I'm keeping all of those but all cameras have original body caps. Also the grip isn't for sale on the black E-M5 II unless I sell both E-M5 IIs.

4cameras2 by Malc May, on Flickr

MRX02865 by Malc May, on Flickr

MRX02861 by Malc May, on Flickr

MRX02863 by Malc May, on Flickr

MRX02864 by Malc May, on Flickr

4cameras1 by Malc May, on Flickr
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