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Re: Generating new interest in photo challenges

Originally Posted by PeterBirder View Post
John,sorry that isn't the case. Resizing the image dimensions and changing the file size are two different things. If you resize an image to have say 1,000 pixels across to fit the screen it will have a file size that depends on both the level of detail and, more importantly the degree of JPEG compression. When you re-save the file after re-sizing you should have the option in your software (Elements?) to change the degree of compression ( may be called "quality") which will enable you to change the file size to less than 512 kb. The file size does not affect the size of the image.

Thanks Peter, you are quite right. Personally I tend to resize my pictures for the forum to either 864 pixels wide for landscape format or 720 pixels high for portrait format. This usually produces a file size of less than 512kb even when saved at maximum quality, but some highly detailed images require slightly higher compression. The point is, if we routinely exceed 512kb at maximum quality (i.e. lowest compression) it's probable that we are sizing images a little too large to fit most screens.

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