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Re: Generating new interest in photo challenges

I have been following this thread with interest.

I also like the current challenges as they encourage me to go out and try something different. But having less than 10 entrants for some of them kind of defeats the purpose.

I have been a member of much larger forums before selling all my full frame gear and becoming Oly only, they have the same issues, challenges seem to be popular for a while then the numbers of entries fall off. Rather than having an individual judge who is the winner they just counted the number of likes each entry received. The downside of this approach was a small clique of entrants started to vote for each other and then newbies were put off.

I dont think there is a perfect solution as others on here have said.

I would be happy to have list of say 12 or 52 subjects to go for over a year and just let people like or comment on them. It gives me a reason to go out and take more pics.

Not sure this helps but at least I have now responded.

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