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Re: Generating new interest in photo challenges

We had a "competition" running for several years which was judged by popular vote. Sure, there were some aspects that were clumsy, some which might have been different with the benefit of hindsight, and some which were there for what seemed like good reasons.

It was very popular early on, with a new challenge pretty much every month I think. For some reason entries just started dropping off, I suspect a few of the regulars kept on entering just to keep the thing going. Eventually everybody just got bored and there were few entries and few votes. The last challenge in the old format originally had 2 entries which made it a bit of a problem for the organiser to sort out a top 3! That was challenge number 59.

After some discussion we introduced the new format and it did well for a while, but again the enthusiasm seems to have just drifted away. We are now at number 90 - to be honest I am quite surprised there have been so many in the newer format.

All the history is still there to see in the Challenges section of the forum. I really don't know what we should do to resurrect interest - but I wonder whether it is worthwhile anyway if the interest declines after a few rounds. Perhaps it is just that it doesn't suit us as a bunch of people, or maybe that we should refresh the format every now and then. We managed 30-odd across 3 years in the current format which isn't bad.

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