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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

Is this all getting a little out of hand now?

I have probably posted in the For Sale threads more than the others because I don't feel my work is comparable to the standard displayed here. I have traded through the forum to upgrade my kit but I don't think I have made a profit on anything - actually looking around my photography shelf I still seem to have most of it!

There are opportunities to buy equipment at competitive prices that is likely to have been well looked after rather than taking a chance on purchasing from other sites. Seeing a brand new member with few posts listing kit for sale is no different than buying from ebay. We are still a small enough forum that you get to know the members by what they post and can make a decision accordingly. I completely agree with Homer's observation about a forum member and his evident change of position from buying to selling (actually whilst this annoys me - the word missing from the motto in his signature block annoys me more!).

My point is that we as members can choose what to buy. Look at the recent glut of EPL-5s that people couldn't sell. Cameras were being offered at a quarter of the price but everyone was waiting for the EM1/10 and so on. I don't think there is a problem with the way that this forum works. As it grows in membership there is bound to be some erosion in what some may consider fine 'values and standards' but would you prefer a small elitist clique?

If you don't like the sellers methods, his principles or his price - don't buy! He will either come on board to the community way of thinking or give up and go elsewhere.

I think there is something in the idea of posting several times on topics outside of the for Sale forum before being able to sell but this could just generate spam.

Apologies, rant over.

Right, I am going to look at some lovely phots and stop myself getting irritated by this thread becoming bigger than Ben Hur ( I am aware of the irony that by posting I am contributing to it)!

In fact, what about a nice competition to cheer everyone up?
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