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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

TimPhoto, the original debate was aimed at me, the other Tim, as I as the was the one who started this trying to sell the Em5 for a high price.

We seem to be fighting a moral high ground.
Putting this in perspective, I was asking for £100 more than I paid for it. Agreed, cheeky but I've gone over that already.
Look at my stats and see that I have offered forum members good gear in the past, all at lower prices than I paid for them. We are talking about a handful of items. I made my case which I stand by.
Maybe double standards here, I'm sure all the critics here who have bought gear were happy with their purchases. But now you don't want people to offer you good kit if they have not been posting. How many people can honestly say they have not put items for sale on other sites, if so were they actively contributing to those sites?
If a price is too high I just ignore it. If someone sells my gear for a higher price then I'm not bothered. How many people have bought from TimPhoto, you were happy then. If you don't want traders (I'm not classing TimPhoto as anything, thats for you to decide) then make that a proper decision. Don't hide behind this finger pointing attitude of rule breaking when the rules don't really seem to exist.
I'm sure all those buyers who bought from me did not care if I had contributed with other posts on the forum or not.
Ian asks what do we do with our cameras if we keep changing… I've covered my reasons for that.
It seems to me many photographers buy a lot of gear, bodies, lens and flashes. So is all this gear being used? There also seems a strong trend that as soon as a new camera comes out with good reviews people want to suddenly upgrade. These actions provide a bigger second hand market. The very fact you want to buy gear gives TimPhoto or others the opportunity to sell gear on to those who may want to get into photography or upgrade at good costs, which in turn hopefully brings more people to the forum. Fairplay there are still no advertisements here.

If you don't like the shop window don't go in. If no one buys from people selling who have a history of buying and selling then they will move elsewhere, it's easy to check stats in the profile. You look at people's selling history on Ebay… I hope.., so no one is really being conned.

Re tax you have to be making £8,500 (I think), buying then selling at at a potential loss does not count. I have a thought for you. How many people have had a trade job done for cash to save a few pounds?
Likely you have contributed to their non payment of taxes. Again potential double standards, but that's life.. I'd rather pay the full cost if I know the taxes are being paid.

Just for the record I'm happy for restrictions but make them clear. My thought is to have a posting record of say 6 posts outside the Classifieds before you can sell. I appreciate all posts are hard to Moderate but the way people are selling nowadays is changing rapidly and Moderators should find ways of keeping up.

Well I've got other things to worry about so I hope there is a satisfactory outcome. Happy to contribute in the near future. Regards. 'the other' Tim…
It's good to raise this debate, no harm done…
Ps OMD EM5 in London shops, second hand are going from £449-£549 so I still stand by my original pricing and reasons.

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