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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

Here is one of Andy Elliot's shots posted to the FTU gallery (same gallery system as we have here) - 316K 1280x960:

You aren't limited to 800x600 on the e-group gallery, but if you post very large dimension images you won't be able to see the whole image on the screen - even if you have a 1920x1080 screen, which is now the most prolific type.

You can of course show Flickr images here on the forum.


Originally Posted by themosttogain View Post
This might not be the best place to add this...maybe it should be a new thread, but I have to agree with this doesn't seem particularly relevant offering critique on images shown at 800x600 as downsizing to those sort of dimensions can hide image blur, noise, and bad post processing amongst other things.

I would much rather see more links to Flickr (I restrict 'randomers' to 1600 size, but allow my followers to view my images at full resolution), or even better for this forum, to see the 512kb file size limit increased - I know this would have an impact on storage space, but allowing much larger resolutions to be used would surely enable much more relevant critiquing, which seems quite important for a photography forum?
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