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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

Originally Posted by Johnheatingman View Post
The bottom line here Tim is that you apparently purchase photography gear with the intent of re-selling it. You had 128 posts on your statistics with the vast majority in the For Sale board, so combine these with your admitted Ebay and DPreview sales and that in my considered opinion means you are a prolific dealer no matter how much you protest.

This unique and excellent forum is mainly comprised of members who have a genuine interest in all things photographic, who contribute by joining in discussions, showing photos, evaluating and commenting on photos and are always ready and willing to offer help and advice when requested by members. I doubt very much that Ian or indeed Olympus ever envisaged the For Sale board would be used by prolific traders for the sole purpose of avoiding selling fees imposed elsewhere and indeed taxation. This problem has no doubt been made worse by Ebay insisting that prolific sellers now register as Business Sellers possibly as a result of pressure and interest from Inland Revenue

In my opinion, the forum For Sale section is for members who wish to advertise and sell items they originally purchased for their own use and now no longer use or need, and of course for other members to purchase such items if they so wish.

There are plenty of other sales outlets online which dealers can use to advertise items they have purchased with the intent of re-selling, but of course these will involve selling fees, restrictive rules and therefore reduced profits !

I am hardly a prolific seller sure I use and sell quite a lot of Olympus gear as I mentioned . You cant sell gear on DPREVIEW i actually said I used to post a lot of photos there. I have never bought off here with the express intention of resell here for a profit as you can see from my record. I dont make a ton of cash off ebay anyway . I could have offered around 20 items on here but I listed two rarer ones that people might have been interested in at well below ebay prices. You seem to have missed my point completely . It doesnt really matter anyway .
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