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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

FWIW, I don't show many photos on here 'cos I use Flickr and ipernity and the various Meetup Groups of which I am a member. The photos shown here don't go full-size (or, if they do, I don't know how to access full-sized versions), and the interface to upload them and show them off is not particularly intuitive, and navigation is a nightmare.

I like to contribute to critique in the LIF Thread - but would be even happier giving more detailed critique if I could see more detail in those shots.

As for selling / buying, which is what this thread is about, I can see both sides. I personally would not be happy getting paid more for something I'd bought here; I would tend to avoid somebody who I noticed had a bit of a track record of making a bit extra from members' lower pricing. But have been criticised when I've pointed out in threads that I think a price is too low ! I'm one for transparency in all dealings, and other fora, where deals are made in the open, do have a certain appeal to me :-)

But not all fora are the same, and a bunch of slightly condescending moderators here, a gaggle of laughing moderators there, adds to the variety of life online.
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