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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Tim, I don't believe we have had any complaints about you but we certainly have concerning others who are maybe more aggressive and more prolific in their buying and selling. The problem is that your attitude is not representative in wishing others good luck in getting a good price - it does generate bad feeling and sometimes people don't complain publicly but are upset inside.

In the end it is down to the buyer to do what they want to with whatever they have bought but all we are asking is that if they are aiming to make a short term profit, to do it outside of the this site. I think that is more than reasonable.

And the question has to be asked - if you buy and sell so much gear, what do you do with it? Do you use it? If so why not get involved in showing your photography or at the very least get involved in discussions about others' photos or help/ask for help concerning gear or photography?


I have always bought lots of lenses digital and manual used them traded them sold them etc. If you looked at my profile on DPreview from 2005 you would see this . I think quite a lot of people do this. I do show my pics when I have time not many if any here but lots on dpreview and other sites flickr / artwanted etc . Most with Olympus cameras. I do also do some additional buying and selling on ebay sometimes and sure I make a bit of money . I deal with Olympus gear due to its reliability VS other brands . I dont buy and sell for profit on this forum . I am not a full time trader more a now and again for a few months at a time trader on ebay . I do use a lot of the gear as well.

I dont think my attitude is a bad one at all . Generally I have only seen things sold on here for the market rate or just below market rate . If someone buys something for say 100 here and its actually worth 200 if they then decide to sell it after a few months as they don't use it or dont want it then should they have to sell it for half the market rate so they don't make a profit?
Doesnt make any sense to me . I am also guessing lots of us not just me have bought a bargain or two off ebay and then ended up re-selling it some time later for a healthy profit

I do kind of understand what you are trying to do but generally people will only buy & sell for around the market rate and for what they deem to be fair
I just think that there really isn't that much of a problem but then I havent been around here all the time .

I can also see just from this thread that I am not the only one to have a similar thinking in this matter. Still I appreciate you are doing what you think is best


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