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Re: Trading on the e-group forum

To clarify, the change in policy is to target people who are only using the site for opportunistic trading. These are a small number of people whose posting history is virtually all to do with buying and selling/swapping gear.

If you are a normal member who uses the site for various involved activities or even if you are not a frequent poster but browse the site instead, as long as you are not primarily using the site for trading then you will not be affected.

Of course there are going to be times when you get a profit when re-selling an item previously bought from another member. My advice is that you should let the previous owner know as a courtesy but in terms of the rule change we ask that you don't re-sell here on the e-group an item bought from another member for a profit until three months after you originally purchased it. There is of course nothing stopping you from selling it elsewhere.

If there are extenuating circumstances then please get in touch with the original owner and/or us and if we are all agreed then all the necessary courtesies will have been made and you can go ahead and sell an item for a profit inside of 3 months.

We will see how the changes go and adjustments if necessary.

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