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Re: Communal dragonfly and butterfly thread

Originally Posted by brian1208 View Post
Peter, if you fancy a bit more of a challenge (mainly because they are so small) have a look for an Owl Midge Moth.

I only spotted this one because it landed on our kitchen window and at around 3mm doubt I would ever have spotted it in the garden

Owl midge moth by Brian Wadie Photographer, on Flickr

You do bring an assortment of the weird and wonderful. I was very interested in the Mint moth - lovely to look at and feeds on mint and marjoram. So my image of your lovely garden is of a special place, a scented garden of herbs and perfumed plants..

But then you say these Owl midge moth (flies) are crawling up your windows. My searches on them tell me they are a true fly (but furry like a moth) and several of the links are to pest control companies

One of those tells me "Owl midges are common in the vicinity of sewage works where they are a nuisance pest as they fly into the eyes, mouth and nostrils. They breed on fungi, algae, bacteria and general sludge that make up the biological layer present on the surface of sewage filter beds. They can often be found in smaller numbers in sump drains where waste water collects before being pumped away. They are slow breeding with roughly 8 generations a year and in smaller numbers they are usually nothing more than a nuisance pest but can be an indicator of waste water blockages."

Now my image of your lovely garden has changed. I wonder why you have an abundance of sweet smelling herbs. Does your neighbour clear drains for a living?

And I worry for others who look in - MargaretM who only a few days back was delighted we weren't including spiders. How will she feel about you bringing your sewage feeding swamp flies to us?

Sorry...couldn't resist some OTT humour. I have probably found the wrong moth on the Internet. Forgive me.

But Brian has set a new level does anyone want to go deeper?
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