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Re: Can We Sue Volkswagen Owners for Polluting Our Air?

The non-plugin hybrid generates it's power in the same way as a conventional petrol car.
The Prius delivers a perfectly acceptable mpg on the motorway for a 1.8l petrol car. It may be heavier due to the battery pack but the engine is tuned for efficiency with the electric motors providing additional power on demand so it doesn't need to be as thirsty as a similar sized 1.8l car to provide reasonable levels of acceleration and torque.
When driving a hybrid in town recovering the energy from braking makes a significant saving as does stop/starting the engine to replenish the battery and using the motor for low speed driving rather than stop/starting a petrol engine to provide instant power for low speed driving. This is where hybrids are at their most efficient so the provide significant benefits in congested cities which is why they are treated preferentially for the congestion charge in London and are popular with minicab drivers elsewhere.

You have to run a petrol car on fossil fuels.
You can run a diesels on a variety fuels but none without a significant impact somewhere down the line.

You can power an all electric vehicle using renewable energy or conventional electricity.
In 2015-16 41.1% of the UK fuel mix is delivered from non CO2 sources (28.3% renewable and 12.9% nuclear) so even if the owner isn't using a 100% renewable tariff their vehicle is compensating for the inefficiencies in the supply chain for that power by the means of production.
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