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Re: Can We Sue Volkswagen Owners for Polluting Our Air?

Are there any cars that are completely built in Britain any more? I thought most were assembled here from imported parts?

I changed my diesel car last year (the only diesel I've ever owned, I always said I'd never have one!) for a similar model with a petrol engine with a similar power output but which officially has lower emissions than the diesel, yet uses more fuel. I don't understand that either but anyway, my reasoning is that the greens have their sights set on banning diesel cars. The tax on my present car is 30 whereas the diesel version was 110 so the saving goes some way to offsetting the increased fuel consumption.

As for hybrids being less harmful to the environment I read somewhere recently that due to the increased weight (the batteries) they actually emit more particulate matter from their brakes than a modern diesel equivalent's exhaust! It has also been shown I think that the overall carbon footprint of a Toyota Prius (including the manufacture and disposal) is quite a bit more than an equivalent conventional car.
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