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Re: Communal dragonfly and butterfly thread

Some wonderful pictures coming in after I went to bed. Thank you Brian and Peter.

Brian's first:

Lovely shot of a small white. I find all of the white butterflies wonderful subjects. There is a huge amount of detail and colour in most of them. And if you see them for what they are (dainty, delicate, perfect) rather than cabbage eating pests, then people may also stop using chemicals in their gardens

The Orange Tip having a drink is lovely too. About the only time they sit still but it is a butterfly that I have also been able to capture flying a number of times, it is predictable and slow enough.

But the moth is a sensation. I needed to look it up. My suggestion is Adela reaumurella, a fairy longhorn moth (there are a number of moths in that family). The look, timing and everything seem right. What do you think Brian? There is a video of them swarming on YouTube - ( It seems the male is the only one to have the huge antennae. Which seems appropriate....
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