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Re: I'll be the Judge

Originally Posted by iso View Post
Think my idea is better
As the 'day of reckoning' draws nigh I grow evermore anxious as to how to handle the preamble without harvesting the sour grapes of wrath of the losers.
Are there any conciliatory tones a judge could adopt to mitigate their disappointment / resentment? If so I'm open to suggestions but frankly, in the mirror of introspection I see myself as the victim of my own folly in accepting the role in the first place. Not only have I put myself in the hot seat, but also precluded my own work from the judging. I guess that every entrant hangs in suspense as the winners are announced in the hope that he/she will be among the anointed. All I can hope for is that in the eyes of potential buyers I will be mistaken for an "authority" whose over-priced work may well be a worthwhile investment!
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