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Re: I'll be the Judge

Originally Posted by iso View Post
Dare to be different.
State that so many entries (in whatever categories) are absolutely worthy of 'first prize', that the only (honest/sensible/fair) thing to do is to the 'finalists' into a hat. Whom so ever I draw from said hat WINS
Alternatively in the spirit of true democracy wherein all men are deemed equal in the sight of god, I could declare that every single entrant is a winner and the prize shall be divided equally among all. As there are precisely 200 entries and the prize is only $600, then each recipient would take home $3.00

Originally Posted by Miketoll View Post
It all depends how cunningly you word it! As for the Post -Modernists their work is imaginative, exciting, full of deep hidden meaning (or whatever). Those who do just miss out will of course be agrieved or disappointed anyway but it is a case of damage limitation!

Everybody knows that judges are idiots, got no idea, or useless unless one is picked the winner in which case they are of course experts with a finely tuned artistic taste! Charm them, make everybody feel a winner!

PS I have no idea what a Post-Modernist is!
A Post-Modernist is a "well connected" cerebral entity whose painting technique relies not on an ability to draw but rather upon a set of geometrical instruments with which he/she constructs images comprehensible unto him/herself alone. Like connoisseurs of wine they talk-in-tongues with frequent lofty references to the upper palette and render fawning deference to their influential patrons!
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