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Re: Heather learning "Do Ra Mi" for the 1st time... had fun tonight...

Originally Posted by sapper View Post
Well done Heather, very brave letting your dad put it on here.
John, I went to a music shop t'other day and they had no pianos or keyboards. Assistant told me the net has killed off their business. Do you know of a high st retailer that keep 'em in stock.
I don't know where you live David, but Dolphin music has quite a few largish branches, and the staff are helpful. Strangely, we went into the independent music shop in Northallerton this afternoon and they were really busy. Very helpful people there too.

Talking of humidity, organs also suffer from warm dry conditions, as the wind chests, bellows, an some of pipes are made from wood. Some of these parts are also lined with leather, which can dry out. This is rarely a problem in churches, as they are usually cool and damp, but organs in concert halls can be badly damaged by central heating.

On the other hand, very cold and damp conditions cause 'ciphering', where a note keeps on playing long after the key or pedal has been released. This can be a right PIA, as there is usually no way of stopping it other than pushing in the stop concerned.

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