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Preparing for an election

We all know it's coming

I've decided to start getting all prospective candidates sensitised to the issues that are important to me and tought you may appreciate a copy of the relevant sections to possibly share with everyone hoping to represent you.

The major parties all have lists and contact details available

Gathering an understanding of your stance on items that are of interest to me ahead of the elections
I am trying to gather more of a personal understanding of the prospective candidates who are asking for my vote at the forthcoming election and therefore can I ask you to consider the following requests for your views on specific topics of interest to me. Rather than general rhetoric on the economy and wars which I hear every day

Photographers Rights. I am a keen amateur photographer, but am increasingly concerned by the restrictions that are put on people such as myself by ill informed and poorly trained security staff and police officers who incorrectly use anti terrorism laws to restrict freedoms and try and suppress images of controversial (usually misbehaving police) topics. If you are not aware of this topic please take a look at the following websites and tell me whether you would be an active supporter of these campaigns ( & ).

Also relating to this topic is the question of Copyright law which is being considered at present in parliament (See ) a copy of which with some personal statements regarding a copyright breach that has already happened to me has been sent to my current MP for comment and action I would like to understand whether you would be supportive of this campaign and in a more general question whether you would be active in preventing such bad legislation if your party was sponsoring it. In other words can you commit to being an independent voter when needed.
Obviously my emails have had a lot more topics that won't be of interest to most of you.

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