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Re: Zuiko 75-300mm lens

Yes, that's the lens - the 70-300.

With the kit 40-150mm, I find the lens is great up to about 100mm, after which the results are quite soft.

I use it mainly for landscape work and folks have said get the 35-100mm Panasonic - however, I really do like the extra reach to at least 200mm as often there is a hill or line of trees in the distance that I want to zoom in on. I find the 43 70-300mm has poor focusing (I know you can set the focus on the EM1 mk1 to synch, but it's still slow). It's also quite heavy.
I've heard that the 75-300mm is pin sharp at least to 200mm after which it starts to fall off a little.

I guess in lower light I'd be better off with the Panasonic, but since it only reaches to 100mm, I'd find myself very frustrated with that.

I may get used to taking my 60mm sigma which is very light if I need slightly longer reach than the 12-40mm.

I do wish there were some decent prime telephotos with m43. The 75mm may be excellent, but I want something with decent reach - say a 100mm and a 200mm with a doubler designed for them.
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