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Re: Caterpillars & SPIDERS.

Nice carterpillars you got there Peter. I have long not seen one of these family.
The Wasp Spider, well, this is the way they are, I suppose. I saw my first of these maybe 30yrs. ago - and since then they have become a regularity and are nowadays very common. They always do sit in the center of their web, I don't think it has something to do with garding eggs. Might be the case though. I am no big fan of spiders, but the Wasp Spider has at least some nice colour to it, so it is safe as far as I am concerned. BTW: I have photos of Wasp Spiders chewing on carterpillars of (?engl.)Peakock butterflies (Inachis io)! I was thinking I was going to see something similar, when I clicked your thread
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