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Re: A little bit of light painting

I think you give me more credit than I deserve to be honest OM. Most of the hard work was done by the guy who set up the session, made the lights and worked out the ideas at home in the preceding evenings. Plus the loyal assistant who tirelessly helped swing the gear around and stand in interesting poses. All I had to do was chose a viewpoint and point the camera whilst watching a blank screen, that was until I tried out live time which worked a treat. The slowness of my usually speedy camera was a surprise though, it seemed to take ages writing to the card and noise reduction was a real pain doubling all the exposures. The DSLR users were having a much better and speedier time. I missed a lot of shots just waiting for the camera to sort itself out. I need to try more of this and work out the best way of working to see if the slowness of operation is normal or just me not having the settings right.
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