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Re: Instagram - Is it just me? Am I missing something?

Originally Posted by macmcgill View Post
So its not just the image with Instagram, the whole tagging thing is an artform itself?

I dont "broadcast into the void" with facebook, but have used it to slowly build up a network of DJ's (the radio kind, not the bloke with a van and a turntable), bands, promoters, sound engineers and venues. As well as communicating with friends and family while at sea - which is why I originally joined it. But you are right, Instagram sounds much more like sending it out into a void.
You're welcome to the thoughts and thanks for the compliments on my pictures

I would use Flickr or perhaps 500px to hold portfolio pictures.

Instagram is a more "news feed" environment - my posts show up in my followers feeds along with all the other people they follow. Users typically scroll through the updates, like and may be comment then close the app.
I don't know many people who spend hours exploring random feeds from other people.
The more people you follow, comment and tag the more chance they will look at your stuff, follow and like your stuff.
In the phone app I'm continuously reminded of my Facebook friends who are on Instagram as Instagram are owned by Facebook.

I would expect your musical friends to be on Instagram. If you post images of them around the time gigs and events, tag their user names and add hash tags for the venues and bands then I would expect some cross fertilisation of their fans resulting in follows and likes for you. It builds organically just like Facebook.

I follow a few bands, there tends to be a lot of activity when they're on the road or releasing music then nothing when they're recording etc.

A couple of the venues near me show up a mixture of people posting their pictures and more ones from the venue

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