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Re: Instagram - Is it just me? Am I missing something?

At A Mc

Thank you for that, most informative and insightful.

So basically, Instagram is a system for putting forward an image, which will probably be seen by any followers for around 24 hours and then disappear from their radars. And its not the place to build up a "body of work".

I mentioned the buying likes thing, because I was kinda shocked that people would do this at all, it seems rampantly dishonest.

So its not just the image with Instagram, the whole tagging thing is an artform itself?

I dont "broadcast into the void" with facebook, but have used it to slowly build up a network of DJ's (the radio kind, not the bloke with a van and a turntable), bands, promoters, sound engineers and venues. As well as communicating with friends and family while at sea - which is why I originally joined it. But you are right, Instagram sounds much more like sending it out into a void.

Maybe I should explore something else, like flickr. It certainly does seem that Instagram is best used for the odd image from an album taken at a gig. One for the meh pile then.

Your stuff on flickr, by the way, is really nice.

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