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Re: Instagram - Is it just me? Am I missing something?

I've been on Instagram for years - from when it first started and the only way you could post a picture was to take it there and then on the camera of your phone in 1:1 and if you wanted to filter or edit you had to do it there and then. At that point the creative limits of the app made it really entertaining to use. It was like the instant print films of the 70s and 80s with the added bonus that other people could see and enjoy them.

I mainly follow people I know in real life.
I use it to post pictures of things I like the look of or find funny or have a personal connection to at that moment.
Increasingly these are Olympus pictures copied across with OIShare but lots of phone pictures too and lots that lack the technical merit I would apply to posting here, on other photography forums or on Flickr.

Originally Posted by macmcgill View Post
My question/s.
If you use it, do you feel it helps you creatively?
Is feedback mostly worth paying attention too, or is it all trolls?
How about for making contacts that may be useful to you down the road?
Is it worth the long slow - and boring - process of uploading stuff a photo at a time?
Is there a way to upload albums or at least a series of pix to this thing in one operation?
Is buying "Likes" for your pix a common thing?
If the answer to the above is "Yes". Am I right to assume that an awful lot of popular pix are actually only popular because some attention seeker wanted them to be, and was happy to pay?
Has it lead anyone on to paying work? Or at least an invitation into an event/area that you would not have been able to access before?
In short, is it worth persevering?
Is there something better?
Yes it helps me creatively - I'm exposed to pictures from my friends who are graphic designers, web designers and amateur photographers as well as a bunch of other friends.
Feedback is limited and not that useful creatively.
Making contacts - nope, likes and plenty of random follows - I don't get any real interaction that leads to anything, but I'm not looking for work.
You can upload multiple images in the iOS or Android Apps - I generally only bother if I have a few shots taken at the same moment. It doesn't have albums and its not supposed to be a photo archive or a portfolio. Even if you could do this it wouldn't work. Most people see the images from the people they follow on a daily or more regular basis - if you loaded loads of images they'd have a useful life of about 24hrs.
Buying "likes" is a fools errand - it is bragging rights - it isn't a magic bullet into a real audience. Most people with 10,000 likes on a image have 10,000 followers who enjoy what they post.
Paying work? Nope, I'm strictly shooting for own amusement.
Is it worth persevering? Maybe
Is there something better? For your uses, probably.

I use Flickr to post my more "serious" pictures in albums, in bulk etc.

It's not called Social media for nothing. If you intend to broadcast your own work into the void with no interaction and no effort beyond pressing upload once in a blue moon, then you're never going to get any results or enjoyment out of it, let alone contacts or work.
Upload 10,000 images today and even if you had followers they'd be gone from their feeds tomorrow. I very rarely go digging in another persons history.

Post regularly, with engaging, timely subjects etc. sensible #tagging. Like and reply to any comments you may receive.
Hunt down and follow other people's feeds that you find entertaining or worth while, like and comment on their images and you may build a group of people who interact back.
Will that result in a steady stream of regular work? I doubt it.

If you can get a repost from #olympusuk #JessopsMoment #Wexphoto etc That might bring you a load of likes or new followers but I doubt they'll be potential customers.
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