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Instagram - Is it just me? Am I missing something?

This social media thing is somewhat complicated for me. As I go to sea and have a very limited amount of internet access, I thought that facebook kind of ticked all the boxes for keeping in touch with family and friends. And it has been my "onestopshop", apart from the odd jaunt through this forum and another, now defunct, one, for all my needs.

Then I got a bolt from the blue, cancer. Its Sunday name is Follicular Lynphoma. Usually referred to as "Lumpy" in polite company. Its treatable but not curable. But the experts seem to think they can keep me going for a good while yet, and that a random bus/falling roof slate/angry Wife/one fry-up too many is far more likely to box me off.

At the moment, I can still pass the medical and ship up. But eventually that will have to end. So have been looking around at what I can do to earn a few quid, when some rotten sod in a white coat takes my seagoing life off me. I find that digging holes etc. for 8 hours a day is now too much for me. I have been taking gig shots for years, so its a logical way to try and go. Which brings me back to social media......

Now everyone on my facebook feed keeps going on about Instagram. So I though I would have a go. Its really not going well.

First of all I should apparently have a smartphone, I happily wonder around with an old JCB phone that refuses to break and has a battery life of about a week. Its really only a marital tracking device, she is the only one who calls me, and I rarely call anyone but her. I dont really want to join the legions of people who dont look where they are going anymore. And I like to look at someones face when I have a yarn bent on with them.

So I get the Instagram app for my laptop. And opening it was like hitting a wall, how do you do anything?!! Enable the laptops camera to upload pix? Why? Follow people, OK but who? No your not getting access to my entire contacts list. Where the hell are the controls? The sailors vocabulary came out at that point.

Then after i do a spot of Googling, I find I can use something called "Gramblr" to upload pix from my laptop. OK, I tend to bung 20 to 30 pix from a gig in an album on facebook, this thing lets me put one picture at a time up. Then it asked me if I wanted to buy "Likes"! Delving through someone else's pix seemed to take an age. Once again, the sailors vocabulary came out. I am not currently getting my head around this at all. A few youtube videos may help, I will have a punt around, but first............

My question/s.
If you use it, do you feel it helps you creatively?
Is feedback mostly worth paying attention too, or is it all trolls?
How about for making contacts that may be useful to you down the road?
Is it worth the long slow - and boring - process of uploading stuff a photo at a time?
Is there a way to upload albums or at least a series of pix to this thing in one operation?
Is buying "Likes" for your pix a common thing?
If the answer to the above is "Yes". Am I right to assume that an awful lot of popular pix are actually only popular because some attention seeker wanted them to be, and was happy to pay?
Has it lead anyone on to paying work? Or at least an invitation into an event/area that you would not have been able to access before?
In short, is it worth persevering?
Is there something better?

I am incredibly baffled by the whole experience so far. But would value your thoughts on Instagram etc. Before I decide its not for me and move on, or keep plugging at it.

Taken up photography so I can legally shoot people and chop off thier heads!
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