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Re: Editing Challenge

Thank you to everyone who voted for my fairly safe and direct approach to the challenge. I hope those that chose to be creative and dramatic will be winners in subsequent challenges.

Let me give my own views on the entries and why I did what I did.

Firstly, I agree with OM User on his view of the starting image. A good challenge, lots of issues and a nice image in there but quite well hidden.
Tom - I think this helped to make me enter. I had looked at the image and found it to be in need of some work, Tom had sorted out several things but it was so far from natural landscape I thought I'd try for a simple and natural look. Maybe an opposite view.

Mik - The sky and darker tones really worked with this. But I felt the composition (especially that wall at the leading edge) stops your eye from getting into the image. Plus grave stones and dark tones just don't appeal to me and they pull my eye down.

Mark - This sorted out the composition a little and really brought clarity to the subject, But the colours were not as pleasant as they could have been with a feeling of a dull wet day between the showers?

Dave (Wornish) A very different view to mine. Would have been even nicer if it had been cropped harder and the bottom half replaced with more black trees and bushes. The gravestones are too strong. The top of the castle seems to be soft as well. But some good creativity and worth pursuing.

Michael's (Technician) A very nice conversion, with sparkle and definition where it is needed. But I will usually choose colour first on a landscape so I voted elsewhere.

Graham - Clever and witty. But why resist the opportunity to put a snowman in. Or replace all of the gravestones with snowmen.

OM 1 - One for the Goths.

Andy (Shenstone) - My first vote. DXO does a lovely conversion. But I still see two pictures and would want a crop.

OM 2 - My second vote. There are some areas of this which are really lovely. The spongeing in the sky, the trees to the middle right are very nice. Delicate and creative. I can even accept the gravestones (just remove the two big ones for me).

Gingram - A different composition which works. I can see it in a technical or factual context (book, paper etc). Sharp and direct.

Paul - Has the appearance of a print from a slide or a historic postcard, a definite and confident style and look.

Cliff - Bit too extreme for me. Brings out the dramatic but doesn't hold your eye.

OM 3 - Not my favourite of the 3 by OM User

Bikie John - Nice and simple, but I would crop it . of the two I prefer version one, this adds tone but takes away warmth.

Mark - Work still in progress for me. Like the crop, like the ideas but not the execution. Extra light needs to work with the natural light.

Dave (Wornish) - Like the crop but the colours are not working for me.

Iain - My third vote was for the coloured version. natural and a nice crop, removing the wall and the two dominant headstones. I'd go further still....
If I have said something too bluntly then I apologise. Please feel free to tell me off!


I have re-run my edit and although it isn't exactly the same it is near enough to try and share what I did and why. I made it bigger here but apologise that it is so big!

Step one was to find the crop to establish what image I was looking for. I tried many things but it worked best when I lost the 4:3 format. I also tried to correct the verticals and gently increase the height. Some of that may be in the submission, but I went simple for this rerun.

Step two involved some work in lightroom. These settings are quite strong but the image was soft and washed out so I needed to push more than I would normally do. The cloning was done at an early stage to remove gravestones etc. Plus it needed sharpening to give a sort of focus. Not standard for me.

Step three involved taking the image into photoshop to sort out the colour and sparkle. I still haven't quite managed to achieve the original blue in the sky

Final steps were about dealing with noise using a plug-in and sharpening the tiff after noise reduction.


I will do my best to provide a picture which gives scope for drama and perhaps also some technical challenges. I'll let Graham know what I have found so far from the archives.
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