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Re: Editing Challenge

This is a challenge and not an out and out competition which is why we get 3 "likes" to choose on the basis of idea and technique and not just final result. I have therefore posted my comments as well as just clicked the like button.

The biggest problem I saw in the straight raw conversion is that the castle is a bit wooly and lacking definition. I saw this as the main thing that needed correcting. In addition, tilting it a bit anti-clockwise so it was nice and vertical strengthened its lines. The edits that did not address this were, in my opinion, lacking a focus point. Indeed one comment that was made was as to whether this was a photo of a castle or a graveyard but I saw that fact neither of them stood out against the hill and trees as the real issue so it was 3 things competing for your attention with no link between them other than a grey lack of contrast.

Tom's brightly coloured edit was a bold move to address the greyness of the original image but for me failed to create any sort of mood. An imaginative treatment of the sky.

Mik's rarther dark them was well done but additional attention to the castle would, I think, have improved it.

Mark's nicely lit composition would have had a like from me if there weren't competing entries. Both castle and graveyard are clearly defined which I liked.

Peter's (Art Frames) dramatic crop puts the castle firmly in the frame and with good definition got it a vote from me.

Dave's (Wornish) dark them was just too much for me. Sorry.

Michael's (Technician) attempt at a mono conversion was good in its execution but the B&W didn't add anything for me.

I did like Graham's snowy converion but alas I had no likes left for it.

OM - emboldened by Graham's attempt I also tried to add some elements to the scene to try and give it a different feel. Make of it what you will.

Andy's (Shenstone) in my mind brings out one of the best in making a natural looking photo from the RAW file but had some stiff competition with this theme. Alas I had run out of likes but I might have to revisit this decision

OM - The oil/pastel effect is not something I have tried before but does give the scene a different look. Please let me know your comments.

Rob's (Greenguru) interpretation with the reflection was nice but the castle's lack of definition let it down.

Gingram's mono interpretation nicely defined the castle but it was not enough for me to give this squarish crop a like.

Paul's take had. I think, a feel of early morning sunrise as it was not quite the golden hue you often get at sunset.

Cliff's blue attempt was different and a nice idea but did not, I feel, fulfil its potential.

OM - my third attempt; this time to give it a more natural feel than my other entries. I think that others succeeded in this where I failed.

Bikie John has come up with a very natural looking scene. A great entry.

Bikie John's darker them has got more out of the castle but the whole looks bit cold and uninviting and give the impression of somewhere you don't want to stop.

Mark tried 3 attempts to highlight the castle. His third one succeeded and was very nicely done so it got my like.

Dave (Wornish) gave us another interpretation and I like the yellow stonework.

Iain gave us 2 in one post and the first one was so natural looking, with good definition across the whole picture, and a nice colour to the grass that it got my third like. The crop was also a good choice.
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