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Re: Focus peaking with legacy glass?

I also have the following lenses:

Tamron 135mm
Tamron 80-210 zoom
Tamron 28 -80 zoom
Tokina 25 -50 zoom
Vivitar 17mm
Tamron 2x converter

I've had a go on some of them, but not really as carefully and scienfitfically as I'd like as yet. So far, the 50mm was easily the best for quality, but we will see.

m43 is quite shot of prime telephotos. I am tempted by the 75mm, but even if I get it, it's rather short - though I know you can crop it and get good results.

I have a 4-150 zoom and the 43 70-300, but still I crave a long telephoto...more for landscape work than portraits. This means that focussing may not be some key. I assume far away subjects will be fine. Intend to try it this week.

I've heard good things about the Olympus 100mm and 135mm. Maybe that's the way to go...perhaps with the 2x converter as well.

As for focus peaking - I'll try it, but I will also try focussing to infinity and also maybe to just a fraction before it to see how that works out - just with the eye on the E M1.

I also have a Pen EP5 and note the previous comments.
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