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Re: Cheap Leica! D Lux Typ 109 (read description)

Hi there Jon!

I can't believe this hasn't sold - a very low price for a red dot camera!

Have you tried using a bit of freezer spray (basically a refridgerant in a spray can with a tube to apply it accurately - should be able to get it from Maplin or similar) on the stuck grip to cool the aluminium down (differential thermal contraction should give you a little bit of slack to remove the grip as the aluminium should shrink more than the steel hotshoe.)

I would suggest if you do this that the rest of the camera is well protected although it shouldn't affect the finish - I would use an old rubber glove and cut a little hole for the grip and hotshoe to poke out of. Also make sure you protect your hands as the freezer spray can reduce the temperature down to -40 degrees C!

Have a free Bump from me and good luck with the sale (if it's still here at the end of the month when my bonus comes through I may well consider it myself!)


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