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Re: Considering hiring a lens

Thank you both very much for your responses. Ian - I have no car, but Hemel Hempstead is on Thameslink, which is a convenient railway route for me; but the reference to a place called Apsley suggests that it is away from town centre and therefore probably the railway station; are these inferences correct? If so, is there a 'bus?

David - that is useful information. Do you happen to know of any samples taken with the 300mm and the 2x teleconverter? I had thought that the 300mm worked with the 2x converter well, but perhaps I had misapprehended the position.

The "Bigma" lens (a Sigma zoom lens with a maximum focal length of 500mm if I remember correctly) does not seem to be available to hire from Ian's service, as it seems to offer only Olympus lenses, which might be a difficulty with that option.
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