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Re: Need help with external microphones for video use..


I have just shot a video for my NCTJ photojournalism course. Using, sin of sins a 7d, much cheaper to borrow a mates camera than convince the misses to let me buy an E-Px. I have used a Marantz recorder to record the audio at a higher quality than the 7d is capable of, it takes a standard CF card and is usable even by monkeys I believe. Then when editing you just use the inbuilt audio to synch the Marantz recording then mute the in camera before exporting the finished article. The Marantz can record mono or sterio and has an XML (I think, 3-pin) input. Easy way to high quality audio and video.
Might be worth thinking about.


Edit: Marantz are a little expensive but the theory works with any high quality digital recorder.
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