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Re: Need help with external microphones for video use..

Originally Posted by snaarman View Post
I would be surprised if an electret mic needed 48v, they are usually happy with 1.5 to 6v. However, if it has an inline preamp then it could need phantom for that.

If you are going to do recordings into a pc, and there is usb available, then M-audio do a nice cheapish USB audio preamp that handles phantom and proper pro mikes..

I'm still learning

The mic says 'electret CONDENSER' - but I guess there are more types of condenser than I realise

I'm not that hopeful that a SEMA-1 kit for the E-P2 will be available in time for PMA (I'm flying on Friday-week). So I have a backup plan - I have just dug out and dusted off an Olympus WS-320M digital voice recorder. It has 1GB memory and connects to a PC as a USB dongle. It records in WMV and even in best quality mode (which seems more than adequate) there is over ten hours capacity - much more than I need. I have tried the ME-8 tie-clip mic on it and it works perfectly (much better than the recorder's built in mics). I will probably get a cheap portable mini-mixer just in case I decide to use two mics, or I can use the Olympus ME-31 compact gun mic that is hopefully on its way to me!

Copying the audio from the recorder to my video editing software will add a bit of time to the process, but I'm determined not to be beaten by bad acoustics on the show floor!

But I'm always open to suggestions and if anyone has a better idea - do speak up

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