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Re: Need help with external microphones for video use..

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Ask me photography questions - I can usually answer them But I need help with my EP-2 video setup; on the audio side. How can I use two separate microphones (tie-clips, let's say) to record an interview? Is there some kind of simply two into one microphone input device available?

Any help and advice gladly received!

The pro method would use a mini mixer (in fact a mini mixer/recorder run in sync with the camera). Its the thing in the shoulder bag that the sound man with the rat-on-a-pole carries.

In your case some basic (jack plug type) audio mixer should be the answer: But I can forsee a problem. A lot of the electret (mini tie clip) mikes depend on power from the camera/Minidisk recorder and without power the mike doesn't work.

Real pro mikes (stage vocalist Shure SM58) don't need power but use thick cable and 3 pin mic plugs. That's not the right solution either.

I figure you need a mixer with jack or mini jack inputs that has mike power

You might try Canfords??

Hope that helps

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