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Old 3rd March 2010
Kiwi Paul
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Re: repair saga

Well my E3 repair is turning into a saga thanks to DHL. I rang Oly last Monday (over a week ago) and they processed my fault and arranged a Courier Pack to be sent out, so far so good. 3 days later DHL tried to drop off the pack but I kept missing them and it wasn't until last Sunday I finally got the pack. Packaged the Camera and on Monday morn rang DHL to arrange pickup, they said it would be collected on Tues (yesterday) but it wasn't I rang them this morn and they offered no explanation but said it would be picked up today. So a week and a half after my camera went faulty it's still sitting waiting to be sent away. My advice, just send it yourself, get a ref No from Oly and say you will send yourself via RMSD, sure it will cost you 6 but I'd rather have paid that than be dicked about by DHL, I would be over a week ahead if only I'd done that. :-(

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