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Re: repair saga

Update: Yes - Olympus repair take credit cards, so that should save a couple of days :-)


PS, if you reply by post with the rear off strip - be careful which box you tick.:-)
1 - Repair it - I enclose payment
2 - Please return it un-repaired
3 - Please dispose of it in the dustbin for me

Originally Posted by snaarman View Post
Progress! A letter from Olympus with a repair quote. So, they must have got the lens: The Royal Mail still have no knowledge of the delivery.

I didn't realise Olympus repairs depend so much on post. However, post item to estimate just less than a week. Not too bad.

You post the lens to them.
They post it to Portugal.
Southend on Sea posts you an estimate (oooh - does that mean Oly Portugal actually uses email???)
You post a cheque to Olympus.
(I suppost they post your cheque to the bank?)
Someone posts your lens back to you.

Keep you all informed


Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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