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Old 23rd February 2010
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Re: repair saga

Originally Posted by Woofmix View Post
i have rung the number on the tracking site and they can tell you where it is, they have more info than what we see online.


I tried that. Firstly the recorded message recommends you use the web "www dot postoffice dot co dot uk slash track and trace" - just for a laugh I tried various ways of entering the spoken url, but none of them exist. You can Google it pretty quickly anyway.

The spoken instructions tell to to look for your "reference number" on your receipt. In fact on the receipt it is referred to as the "barcode number" - which could confuse some people I guess.

However I persisted with the voice operated system and read in the barcode into the system, yes it got the number right and no, its not able to help.

Maybe I will get a nice letter from Portugal before the post office admit it has been delivered :-)

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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