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Old 23rd February 2010
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repair saga

I thought I would start a repair saga, maybe it will be a tale of joy, who knows? Anyway, it starts badly.

I sent a lens off last week special insured guaranteed next day expensive Post Office delivery. They give you a barcode so you can track it. I have tried this bar code tracking thing on line for 5 days and it has no report of delivery. I wonder if it works at all, to be honest.

I emailed Oly southend. Apparently, they collect stuff from the GPO, rather than the GPO delivering it, so it would only get picked up when they go looking. I expect this means that the barcode won't get logged until it has been collected by Oly and signed for. Next they gather a shipment of items for repair and send them off to Portugal. They in turn will book them into their system - something that can take a few days.

So - bare minimum from posting it to having appear on the Oly Portugal system is 1 week. Quite possibly 2 weeks if you miss a critical shipment I imagine.

They then *post* the estimate to you (!) I gave them email, mobile phone numbers etc... but post. Hmm.
Good thing I have other lenses.

Will keep you informed...

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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