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Re: Win 10 update problem - Help please

I remember in earlier versions of Windows I could call up a calendar, select an earlier date, and get the system to (try to) revert to it.

I have not been able to find how to do this in Win10, which is why I went for the installation of the new version. If anyone can tell me how to do it with the calendar, it might be helpful in future.

Once upon a time updating a Windows OS was just to do with that, no more, no less. Now that Microsoft to have adopted the, not entirely original, idea that they can earn from advertising, all sorts of new applications are added to the upgrade to facilitate this. Microsoft Edge has appeared but I have no plans to use it.

When I click on a *.jpg file, as I often do, I want it to open in Photoshop. Immediately after the upgrade PS did not show in the list of programs. I reverted to going to PS and using File/open and finding the required file. After a couple of times, clicking on a *.jpg file, the list opened with PS at the top. Well done Microsoft, it learnt what I wanted.

My Epson scan function is still there and operational.
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