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Re: Win 10 update problem - Help please

You can only use the restore feature if you can successfully boot the machine! It seems that most of the major problems with this update are down to anti-virus software, Avast in particular.

The update installed itself on this ancient Dell without difficulty, but having used it a couple of days I have found that ..
"Fast Start" has been re-enabled whereas I specifically disabled it to solve an unreliable boot issue. I discovered that when it failed to boot.

My file associations have been reset so that double-clicking on a .jpg file now launches the horrid Photos app instead of my preferred image viewer.

My Epson Scan software has been uninstalled and deleted. Again. This happened with the previous "feature update" as well.

My Nikon Scan driver has also been uninstalled and because it is "unsigned" I cannot re-install it without a lot of messing about.

Using click and drag to select text no longer limits itself to the active window so has become difficult to use without errors.
No doubt there will be other issues that come to light as I use the machine. There is no way on earth that Microsoft should be changing a user's settings without asking. I notice also while typing this that "return" now inserts two new lines instead of one.
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