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Re: Win 10 update problem - Help please

Originally Posted by RobEW View Post
I'm appalled by the poor quality of software sold to the public (and I say this as someone who spent many years working in software development). Expecting the user to spend 4.5 hours mending it is shocking. There is a very easy fix to all Windows problems. Get legislation in place so that Microsoft have to recall and fix any computers in which their software fails, and recompense the users too (just as a car manufacturer would if their gear boxes had a fault). even better, fine Bill Gates and take a day off the holiday allowance of all Microsoft senior execs for every fault affecting 1,000 or more users. Very quickly we'd have much more reliable software.
The major problem with your solution is that Microsoft have no control over the millions of variations of hardware that uses it! And I certainly wouldn't want to see Windows only available for Microsoft produced PCs -- as Mac is only available for Apple produced computers. The Apple way makes their software development much simpler as they know exactly what hardware will be using Mac, but also drives prices sky-high as there's no competition.

As I understand it, Microsoft do their best to ensure that updates are only applied to proven systems, but they do rely on users keeping their computers up to date

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